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The Disability Tax Credit & You
Did you know...
In our community, many people with disabilities have never been made aware that they are eligible for a significant refund.

One of the most commonly missed, and valuable, tax credit available to tax payers is the Disability Tax Credit. It is also quite possible that you may not be taking advantage of a credit that would give you a refund. The Disability Tax Credit is often overlooked because of a belief that this credit is restricted to individuals confined to a bed, wheelchair, or perhaps the blind.

Claiming for Disability Tax is complex and time consuming, and can be open to interpretation as to eligibility. Many people, therefore, believe they would not qualify...THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

The Disability Tax Credit has been around since 1986. The Income Tax Act allows Canadians to get a credit refund if they qualify.

This credit is recognized by the Federal government for people who a re markedly restricted and have made out-of-pocket costs for many years.

Many people with disabilities (just as often a family member or caregiver) are missing important tax credits and may have significant unclaimed tax refunds from previous years. There are nearly 4,000,000 people in Canada who are eligible to claim for the Disability Tax Credit...YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THEM.
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